The East Hall is a location in Five Nights At Freddy's. Freddy and Chica pass this hallway as they go to their way to the office. East Hall is connected to the East Hall Corner (CAM 2B)


The East Hall is a dark hallway, barely lit,, with the floor almost entirely hidden from the player's view. Star decorations and wires hang from the ceiling. On the wall are three posters of the animatronics.

On the far left is Chica, with the text "EATING TIME!" in large letters above her head. The center poster depicts Freddy, with the text "FUN TIME!". The third depicts a droopy-eyed Bonnie with the text "PARTY TIME!". Cobwebs can also be seen around the hall.

In the end corner, the floor is shown and is decorated with bluish and black tiles. On the floor, papers lay scattered. On the walls, papers with writing on them, as well as a poster outlining the rules of the establishment, are hung.