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Elizabeth Afton was the daughter of William Afton and the sister of Michael Afton and the Crying Child. She died as the first and only victim to Circus Baby and later went on to possess her.


Elizabeth has long blonde hair, brushed straight, and a red bow in her hair. She has pale skin and green eyes. She wears a magenta button up to, a blue skirt, and dark grey shoes.


Elizabeth's only appearance before becoming Circus Baby is in the Sister Location Death Minigame. After Circus Baby (still with blue eyes) gives all the children cupcakes, grabs the ice cream at the end of the map and reaches the start before the timer runs out; Circus Baby will drop the ice cream, and Elizabeth will walk on the screen, heading towards it. When she gets to close, however, Circus Baby's eyes hollow out to black, and her stomach opens. A claw shoots forward, grabs Elizabeth and pulls her inside - killing her instantly with a horrifying scream.

While in the minigame it's depicted as a field with a blue sky, the actual event takes place on the opening day of Circus Baby's Pizza World, and the death causes the immediate closure of the pizzeria.

Elizabeth's name is mentioned in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator's Completion Ending. After Scrap Baby finishes her monologue to her brother Michael, Cassette Man - true identity being Henry - cuts her off and says:

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth. If you even remember that name."

This is the only time we hear her name.