My fnaf theories by howlinghill-d8c3nvy

Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's pizza. This time new and improved, without the doors. You heard me right, in this game, you have twice as many animatronics, and no doors. Only your flashlight and mask can save you now!

This is a unique game- mainly because of the Marionette, also known as the Puppet. The Puppet won't get you, as long as you keep the music box in Camera 11 wound up. If it isn't, an alert will pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, saying "Marionette Alert." First it will flash orange, then red, and when it's red, you will have to hurry. Fail to keep up with the music box...the Puppet will jumpscare you EVEN IF YOUR MASK IS ON.

The animations mainly move at 1 am. Bonnie is the first to go, then Chica. Don't worry about the rest- they won't turn up on the first night.

Bonnie will move to Camera 4 first. Chica will move to Camera 7. I'm not sure where Bonnie will go next, but if he moves from Camera 4, check quickly around that area. When Chica moves, she normally moves to the corridor in front of your office. So when she isn't in Camera 7, take your camera down, and check the corridor with your flashlight. DON'T take your time...Remember, you have no doors in FNAF 2, so put your mask on quick, if you see her. TIP: When in cam and going to take in down click/press where the mask goes up, then if someone is in there they cant hurt you.

You should be able to take it off in a minute or so. If you have, and haven't died, immediately check the corridor and vents. (As a helpful note, Chica comes through the left vent, and Bonnie comes through the right.) If you can't see them, immediately go and wind up your music box, which will have gone down considerably. Once you've done that, check the vents and camera again. Carry on like this.

WHAT TO DO IF BONNIE IS IN THE VENTS: Put your mask on. Helpfully, shortly after you've put your mask on, the office goes black, and Bonnie sort of slides in front of you. DO NOT TAKE YOUR MASK OFF WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING. Wait until it is light again, but be careful when taking off your mask, because Chica may have sneaked through the vents, like the cheeky chicken she is. You won't have to worry about Bonnie straight after, he will have left.

WHAT TO DO WHEN CHICA IS IN THE VENTS: Put on your mask, wait for a minute, and hope for the best. Chica doesn't make any indication that she's come and gone like Bonnie, which is annoying. Personally, I count down from 10, three times over, but it doesn't always work. Take your mask off when it feels safe.

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