• Manglexfoxyforever

    hi!! this is another thing about fnaf ships :3 so say what you think the best fnaf ship of these few. or just say the ship you like ........1. mangle x foxy votes:1 , toy chica x toy bonnie votes:0 , bonnie x chica votes:0 , freddy x golden freddy votes:0 , I will update this every once and a while, vote your fav ships in the comments and say if I should add more ships for people to vote for :3

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  • Manglexfoxyforever

    hi this is just so you can say what you think about the fnaf ship mange x foxy :3 so say in the comments, WARNING: if there is any swearing or mean comments they will be flaged

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  • Manglexfoxyforever

    fnaf ships!

    October 31, 2015 by Manglexfoxyforever

    hi! this is about fnaf ships! my fave fnaf ships are......... 1. best ship is............fangle/moxy (mangle x foxy)! 2 toy connie (toy chica x toy bonnie) my third fav fnaf ship is bonica (bonnie x chica) but some times I think of chica as a loner. the ships I hate are.... 1. worst ship ever is........ foxica (foxy x chica) 2........... springle (springtrap x mangle) now here I the thing, why would mangle LIKE purple guy????? ALL the animatronics hate him!?!?! like really. 3..... toy foxica (toy chica x foxy). 4.....mangle x toy chica.5....... foxy x bonnie. so say what your fave fnaf ships are in the comments and no mean comments about how you don't like a ship. if there is any swearing or anything bad I will flag that comment.

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  • Manglexfoxyforever

    mangle gender

    September 20, 2015 by Manglexfoxyforever

    nobody knows the true gender of mangle (toy foxy) i just want to say what gender mangle is and show proof for what gender mangle is and the proof for both sides and why some of the "proof" is not real proof.

    sorry if when i am talking about mangle i will say she or her if you think mangle is male.

    proof for mangle being a male

    1. has red cheeks just like the male animatronics, toy chica that is female has pink cheeks.

    2. the phone guy says he and him when talking about mangle.

    3. mangles counter partner foxy is male and all the other toy animatronics did not change genders.

    proof for mangle being female

    1. red lip stick, 2. red cheeks, 3. pink, 4. eye shadow, 5. long eye lashes, even longer eyelashes then toy chica nails,

    7. lady's night …

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