hi! this is about fnaf ships! my fave fnaf ships are......... 1. best ship is............fangle/moxy (mangle x foxy)! 2 toy connie (toy chica x toy bonnie) my third fav fnaf ship is bonica (bonnie x chica) but some times I think of chica as a loner. the ships I hate are.... 1. worst ship ever is........ foxica (foxy x chica) 2........... springle (springtrap x mangle) now here I the thing, why would mangle LIKE purple guy????? ALL the animatronics hate him!?!?! like really. 3..... toy foxica (toy chica x foxy). 4.....mangle x toy chica.5....... foxy x bonnie. so say what your fave fnaf ships are in the comments and no mean comments about how you don't like a ship. if there is any swearing or anything bad I will flag that comment.

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