nobody knows the true gender of mangle (toy foxy) i just want to say what gender mangle is and show proof for what gender mangle is and the proof for both sides and why some of the "proof" is not real proof.

sorry if when i am talking about mangle i will say she or her if you think mangle is male.

proof for mangle being a male

1. has red cheeks just like the male animatronics, toy chica that is female has pink cheeks.

2. the phone guy says he and him when talking about mangle.

3. mangles counter partner foxy is male and all the other toy animatronics did not change genders.

proof for mangle being female

1. red lip stick, 2. red cheeks, 3. pink, 4. eye shadow, 5. long eye lashes, even longer eyelashes then toy chica nails,

7. lady's night i know a lot of people say mangle is just there so it won't be to easy but why would scott pick mangle why not pick toy bonnie or toy freddy?


1. there was another toy foxy a male version of mangle and when the kids tore mangle and the male toy foxy apart the male toy foxys endo head is the head on mangles ( female toy foxy's ) shoulder. if that theory is true then that means the mangle is female but just with a male endo head on her shoulder. And if that is true then that may be why the phone guy said "he" and "him" when talking about mangle.

this is to all the people who think the endo head on mangles shoulder is a parrot.... there is proof that mangle does not have a parrot on her shoulder in a fnaf world teaser you can see adventure mangle with NO parrot on her shoulder on the pre adventure mangle. Also if the male toy foxy theory is true then that will say mangle has no parrot.

why some of the "proof" for mangle being male/female is not right. when the phone guy was talking about mangle and said "He" and "Him". people will say he or him if they are talking and if they 1. don't know the gender 2. aren't talking about the gender 3. if they are talking about something they do know the gender of even if it's a girl.

so with that the phone guy saying he and him mean's nothing and is not proof.

for the people who say mangle has no gender because she's a robot then why did u click on this? if its about of mangle gender and here we are trying to find the gender of a character if it's from a game if it's a toy animal if it's a doll anything it doe's not matter if it's not real like you can pick up a bottle of water it can still have a made up gender. we know it's not real, but we are trying to give it a gender for stuff like fan art, just plan talking about, etc.

mangle has red cheeks. because if mangle had pink cheeks like toy chica witch is a confirmed confirmed female mangle would not look right she would have pink cheeks, pink ears, pink nails, pink snout, pink around her eyes, and red lipstick,and a red bow tie, that would just be to pink, and that would not look normal. but with red cheeks mangle looks normal, and the red cheeks match her bow tie and her lip stick, like how toy Bonnies cheeks match his bow tie and guitar, and toy Freddy has red cheeks because of his red strip on his hat! and toy chica has pink cheeks because they match her panties and her cupcake! so the "proof" for mangle being male because of her cheeks is not real proof.

for the people who say the way a animatronic looks does not matter. if the looks of a animatronic did not matter then we would not know the genders of any of the animatronics. the reason people say toy chica is female is because of her name and how she looks well if the looks don't matter then toy chica and chica might be boys and the name chica witch means girl does not matter because bonnie is male but he has a girls name.

And mangle's makeup and pink nails was not put on by kid theres proof. if you look at the posters of mangle you will see mangle all ready had the makeup.

oh and this doe's not really mean anything about mangles gender but kinda does. mangle did have a hook pre mangle had a hook you will see in the foxy and new foxy teaser and in fnaf world teaser of pre mangle. people say well mangle is male because she had or has a pirate hook but that doe's not mean anything mangle can still have a hook and be female.

for counter partners genders. t. bonnie and t. chica and t. freddy did not change genders from there counter partners and foxy is male so that says mangles male...? No if all the other animatronics did not change genders well that doe's not mean mangle didn't mangle might just be the only one who changed gender but all the others didn't, and if changing "foxys" gender to be female there would be more female animatronics instead of just 1 timeline of females.

so mangle being male because the others didn't change genders are not proof.

So............. if you look at all the proof and not proof and theorys everything point's to female Mangle has more proof of being female. unless scott says otherwhise.