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  • I am absolutely amazing.
  • Miss Ilun Walaan

    The adoption request has finally been granted and I have become the head Admin on this wiki! Something I've already done to combat any future spam is that I've disabled anonymous editing for the time being. If you truly want to contribute to this wiki, then please make an account. I might allow it again in the future but for now while the wiki is still in need of a lot of development anonymous editing will stay off. I've also enabled the chat on here. Also I have added another admin, Zmario.

    Expect a lot more changes to come in the near future such as a new theme, and actual rules!

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  • Miss Ilun Walaan

    Wiki Adoption

    August 9, 2015 by Miss Ilun Walaan

    I have a quick announcement to make!

    Yesterday I put in an adoption request for this wiki, and hopefully it'll be granted. I'm hoping to get this wiki onto a better track over these next few days, and hopefully once the request goes through I'll be able to do something about the vandalism. I encourage anyone on here to edit the pages positively (meaning no spam), and if you’re an anonymous user I highly encourage you make an account. Hopefully we can get this wiki to better condition.

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